The Difference Between Fixed Cost and Variable Cost Explained

salaries fixed or variable cost

By closely tracking all your business expenses and classifying them as fixed or variable costs, you’ll have a better handle on the health of your business. A manufacturing firm—like a high-end furniture maker, for instance—will also have substantial fixed costs. They’ll need commercial space, both for fabrication and storage.

salaries fixed or variable cost

Variable expenses are more often volume-related, such as the amount of time your hourly employees work each week. Variable costs for a restaurant owner include food, beverages, paper goods, wages for non-salaried employees, uniforms, and janitorial services. All of these costs will rise with an increase in business and contract when things are slower. A restaurant owner will need a brick-and-mortar space in order to do business, so rent and insurance will be among their most notable fixed costs.

Fixed Cost Examples for Events

This exercise highlights the fact that, while many costs appear to be fixed at first glance, they are really semi-variable. Take, for example, the salary of the institution’s CEO or Director. When student numbers are low, the CEO will most likely have responsibility for many tasks related to the supervision of staff and the day-to-day running of the institution. For example, Amy is quite concerned about her bakery as the revenue generated from sales are below the total costs of running the bakery. Amy asks for your opinion on whether she should close down the business or not.

Fees are only charged to a business if it accepts credit card purchases from customers. Only the credit card fees that are a percentage of sales (i.e., not the monthly fixed fee) should be considered variable. Salespeople are paid a commission only if they sell products salaries fixed or variable cost or services, so this is clearly a variable cost. For a construction company, would the $10,000 annual premium paid to an insurance company be considered a fixed or variable cost? Are rental payments on leased office machinery classified as a fixed or variable cost?

Fixed Versus Variable

Our annual surveys have typically shown that the majority of employers only update their car allowance amount every 7 to 10 years. You’ll need to sell 600 cups of coffee every month if you want your business to be profitable. If you divide that by roughly 30 days in a month, you’ll need to sell 20 cups of coffee per day in order to break-even.

  • Total variable costs increase proportionately as volume increases, while variable costs per unit remain unchanged.
  • Are insurance premiums classified as a fixed or variable cost?
  • These costs change as the activity levels within a company fluctuate.
  • It’s in your best interest to spread out your fixed costs by producing more units or serving more customers.

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